Teamwork Englewood's
COVID-19 Updates

TWE is working to support the different community needs during this time. While this is unprecedented times, the resolve of our staff and volunteers has been amazing. If you are a family in need or know someone in need please call our office at 773.488.6600 or use this link to complete our intake form and someone from our team will call you back. Our priority is to support families that have been laid off from work so p;lease be patient with us as we work to serve so many in need. To date we have serviced over 1,000 families with COVID resources to help families to get through this hard time.

Our mission is to continue to provide quality services and help convene resources and partners during times of need. We are redoing some of our approaches and thinking about how Teamwork Englewood can show up for those in need for not just now but for the next few months.

We want to make sure you are doing well during this time, here is some information about COVID-19 from the City of Chicago's COVID information page.

Testing for COVID-19

There is no treatment or cure for COVID-19. For most people, the illness is generally mild and can be safely managed at home. Testing is only indicated for individuals who are at risk of serious illness, like people over 60 or with underlying medical conditions. It’s important that we follow these testing guidelines to protect healthcare workers and avoid spreading the virus in our communities. Everyone, regardless of whether they have symptoms, should practice social distancing and good hand hygiene.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

St. Bernard's Hospital

The COVID-19 vaccine is available for adults and kids ages 5-11 at St. Bernard Hospital in their Vaccination Clinic on the 3rd floor of the Ambulatory Care Center, 6307 S. Stewart Ave. No appointment or insurance necessary. The clinic is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Cecile DeMello, Executive Director

Teamwork Englewood Support

TWE continues to support the community with our programming for ex-offenders, women and families, and all Englewood residents. Please call 773-488-6600 and someone from our office will call you back, you can also complete our needs survey and someone will get back to you from our organization.

Click here

Greater Chicago Reentry Coalition

Teamwork Englewood and RiseKit have partnered to create a portal for ex-offenders to gain employment resources. Click here to sign up.

Chicago Connected

Chicago Connected is a groundbreaking program that provides no-cost, high-speed internet service to CPS students in their households. This first-of-its-kind program will be one of the largest and longest-term efforts by any city to increase internet access for students over the course of four years.

For more information click here. To find out about your eligibility, click on the tab on the website.


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