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T.I.M.E. 21:36

“This Is My Englewood 21:36” initiative also known as T.I.M.E. 21:36, is a Department of Justice funded strategy to reduce crime in the community. The initiative focuses on the development of public safety strategies to decrease violence in the community while building better police-community relations.

After months of data collection and analysis of crime and violence, community interviews, focus groups, and surveys of residents and stakeholders a plan to support police beats 712 and 725 is beginning. Early this summer, in partnership with the community engagement partner, Residents Association for Greater Englewood, the initiative engaged hundreds of residents in the two police beats in community building activities. This past November potential leaders were engaged in a community meet and greet where residents and partners shared ideas and built together to start on a journey to address crime through community wisdom and resources.

If you are interested in being apart of this work please contact Tiffany Lyles-Williams at

Teamwork Englewood

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