The Englewood Quality of Life Initiative Celebrates 7 years and a return to form after the 2020 pandemic.

EQLI new year

Teamwork surely capitalized on the Lunar New Year for the opportunity to say Happy New Year deep into the month of January. Gathering for the first time since the 2020 pandemic, the Englewood Quality of Life Initiative held a taskforce wide meeting to express  gratitude for the success of years past and revel in an unwavering fervor for a brighter future for the Englewood community. The centerpiece of the event was the timeline gallery walk, which allowed community residents and stakeholders to time travel back to the 2016 inception of the EQLP and either learn something new about the history of each taskforce, or relive their own involvement in EQLP/ EQLI history. Become involved yourself and  sign up for the EQLI through the tabs above.